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Rugby Skill Camps

Dynamic Rugby Skill Camps

Our Rugby Skill Camps are designed to provide a challenging yet supportive environment for players to improve their skills. We offer a comprehensive programme that includes coaching in all aspects of the game, catch and pass, tackling, kicking, the breakdown and game play. 

Our coaching staff has a wealth of experience at all levels of the game, from grassroots to professional rugby. They are committed to helping each player develop their skills and reach their goals, whether that be making a school team, improving their game for their club team or becoming a professional player.

A unique point at our camps is coaching the ‘untouched’ skills. We allow players time to develop skills that are often missed or left out of club and school team sessions. Offloading, hand offs, finishing and chip kicks  are just a few of the skills that are included in our sessions. 

*Pro player appearance at our Easter Camp